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Day 5 – 1000 KettleBell Swings/ 10km Challenge

donation score

$250 Raised

$750 Required to reach goal






110 Swings Completed


890 Swings till Goal

10km Challenge

Oh my goodness….today was a dreadful run.  I mix up the route I take to ensure my body doesn’t get too used to the one way of running. My driveway has little hills and slopes up to the house from the road. The firetrail has a little slope at the beginning and then is flat to the turn around point. Normally I will end the run along the firetrail but this time I did the last interval running from the road to the house 1.5km of mostly running uphill. Yep it pushed me beyond my endurance and there were 2 -5 walking steps where there should have been running steps up a particularly nasty little rise. I am a long way from being able to power up Heartbreak Hill in the City to Surf (which i have done quite a few times in my younger life!).

Run 4 x 10 minutes with 1 minute walks inbetween

day 2 b210k run

It’s spring here and everything is out procreating. Here’s one of the grass trees showing off how well endowed it is to all of the birds and the bees.

grass tree flower



Scruffy Thinking –  this episode talking about the SF scene, old school gaming and stuff

HBR Idea Cast – Life’s Work section talking to Francis Ford Coppola

Day 5 Slow Carb Food (CHEAT DAY!)

day 5 slow carb breakfastno mealday 5 slow carb dinnerday 5 slow carb dessert


Wednesday is my cheat day so I usually go into town (25km away) and have lunch with some friends.  Today I didn’t feel up to it and so cheat day was very subdued. There was chocolate involved as well but I forgot to take pictures.


Egg, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomato, rocket, 1 piece toast




Roast chicken, roast potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables, gravy


1 cup (maybe 2…) Jalna Low Fat  Natural Vanilla Yoghurt


Still Unwell :/